Creating an account

One Transifex account is all you need in order to get started with Transifex as either a Manager or a Translator.

Sign Up with Transifex

In order to create your free Transifex account, you need first to sign up  here.  

                                                                         Sign Up page

Please note you can also use one of the social login options and link your Transifex account to any of the providers above. Connecting to a social account will enable other Transifex users to see your social profiles.

By clicking on the "SIGNUP" button, a verification email will be sent to the provided email address in order to completely activate your account in Transifex. 

Welcome on board!

Before you get started, we need to setup some information for your new account. 

1. Provide us with basic information

We would like you to provide us with the following information: 

  •  Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Job Role
                                                                            Getting to know you                                                              

2. Specify your intention with Transifex

In this step, there are two available options. 

1. Localize your own content. 

Transifex will help you collect, translate and deliver digital content, web and mobile apps in multiple languages. So, for this purpose, a new organization is automatically being created where you are allowed to create unlimited projects and upload your own files. 

2. Work on projects that already exist on Transifex. 

In such cases, there is no need for you to own an organization. All you need to do is to join any of the existing project(s) on Transifex and help translate or manage their content.  

                                                                   What you want to do

3. Let us know you better

The third and the final step of the welcome process differentiates according to your intention with Transifex.

  •  If you have chosen to localize your own content, then we need you to provide us with some additional information, that will help us understand your company's needs and properly guide you. 

                                                                              Getting started
  • If you have chosen to help with the translations or manage the content of existing projects, then you need to add at least one of the languages you speak in order to set up your account.